“You have tried to live the Eucharist through various programs and sponsorships in different places all over the world. You have reached out, in particular, to the people in the peripheries of society, and by example, you have proclaimed that, before the Table of the Lord, everyone has a place, everyone is welcome, there are no margins, all are children of the One Father.”

Bishop Julito Cortes

Leaders of The Lamb, Jesus

Everyone is a leader in the fold of the Association. A lamb leader is one who leads in the name of The Lamb of God. A leader is one who allows other leaders to be led primarily by Jesus. John the Baptist points the Apostles John and Andrew to be disciples of The Lamb of God. Everyone has a potential capacity to influence and to contribute in touching peoples’ lives. The grace of baptism is a grace of prophetic, priestly and kingly service. The grand commission, to go into the world, is to be leaders of Jesus in the world. The Lamb leader leads under the authority of the Church.

The Eucharistic commissioning during the dismissal at every Mass is to strengthen us as lamb leaders to places Jesus intends to visit (Lk 10:3)

The Spirit of Lamb Leadership

The Lamb community is determined by the Spirit of the Lamb, God given-gifts, values and culture of the leaders. Lamb leaders communicate first the Spirit of The Lamb.

The Leadership of Empowerment

Use the Gift of Leadership!

A lamb leader calls forth the God given-gift of every member for the use of building His kingdom. Lamb leaders cultivate leaders, not followers. We cultivate leaders who also cultivate other leaders in the multi-generational work of leadership.

The Lamb leadership in the context of the governance of the Association is to lead together with the least of Jesus’ brethren. The governing body includes lay, religious and clergy. The governance is accomplished by establishing the International Conference, the Country Council and the Center for Lay Apostolate. The lay are couples and singles, rural and urban workers and members, the unchurched, and the marginalized, local and global members, from the first world and other worlds.

As oxygen is to the body, communication to relationship, leadership is to your destiny. The journey of Lamb leadership is primarily the way of relationship and the goal and destiny of leadership is relationship. The Lamb of God, Jesus, lays down his life and His center of gravity is His relationship with the Father.

A lamb Leader strives to develop a leadership of Agape love, a service without reciprocation, sacrificing without retaliation. A lamb leader is sent, accountable and submits his/her will to the One who sent them and to the Church that directs and protects them.

Conference Officers

A global association composed of lay, religious and clergy formed in the way of The Lamb, Jesus living a life of charity (1 Cor 13:13) and laying down one’s life as a living sacrifice (Rom 12:1).

Episcopal Moderators

Most Rev. Jose Corazon Tala-oc, D.D.
Most Rev. Oscar Solis, D. D.


Rev. Fr. Michael B. Semana


Rev. Msgr. Francisco Monje, EV


Deacon Brian Klause


Ms. Dolores LeBlanc


Ms. Norma Blanchard

Executive Director

Rev. Fr. Jose Estolloso, Jr

Facilitators and Formators

Mrs. Patricia Klause
Mrs. Una Authement

Public Relations

Mrs. Mercedes Bergeron


Mr. Ernest Alzate



Ms. Perla Go

Legal/Ecclesiastical Advisors

Rev. Fr. Cesar V. Echegaray, JCL
Deacon Douglas Authement, Atty.